The Walking Dead Episode 12


There are only 2 more episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead, and Episode 12 started building up the momentum so viewers know that they have something to look forward to. Those that have been keeping up with the episodes may be ready for a recap. If you’re not someone that’s been keeping up with this half-season of The Walking Dead, then reading on from here may result in something being spoiled for you, and we don’t want that.

Episode 12 saw a number of happenings take place for the crew, particularly Rick and Michonne, which the episode followed for the majority of the time. The episode featured a number of bonding moments between the two, including a particularly funny moment where they crashed through a roof together. Overall it was a great episode. Now it’s time to go over some of the major takeaways from the episode.

Episode 12 of The Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne

Rick and Michonne are out looking for guns that they deliver to the creepy new crew that everyone was introduced to recently, the one living in a garbage dump. The new crew asked for guns in exchange for fighting Negan and The Saviors, they just want a share of the plunder as well. Rick and Michonne are out looking for the majority of the episode.

Finding Guns

They end up coming across the guns they were looking for in one of the most unlikely places. A carnival. There seem to be military personnel that have turned in zombies there, walking around aimlessly as the rest of the zombies do. Some have AR-15’s strapped to their backs, and many have pistols at their sides. Rick and Michonne recognize the find as the gold mine that it is, and spend much of their time killing the zombies in the area so that they can start taking their guns.

It doesn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped, but they end up killing all the zombies, and are able to take the guns from the carnival grounds and bring them to the new group of people that they are hoping will help them fight Negan.

Say Yes

This episode is called “Say Yes,” and when Rick brings the guns back to the new crew and their leader. She ends up telling Rick and it’s not enough guns and says that they are going to keep them while Rick and the “Grimes Gang” go out looking for more. Rick isn’t okay with that, of course, and demands that they keep 20 guns in order to find more out in the world. He tells Jadis that they’ll be back with more guns.

News for Rick

This was the moment we were waiting for since Jadis told Rick to go get them guns. After seeing that the group still needs to collect more guns, she finally decides to tell Rick of all the guns that the group of women is hiding out with. This would be the group that had her during the first half of season 7, before she escaped. It will be interesting to see how the group goes about getting the guns from those people.

Rosita Looks for Trouble

At the end of the day it seems to be Rosita that just loves getting into trouble. There are few people out there that love getting into trouble as much as her. She decides to take one of the guns to Hilltop, to get her friend there to go and help her kill Negan. The whole thing makes me a little nervous, and I’m a little worried to see what kind of trouble they get themselves into.

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