New Social Media Changes Coming In 2017

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Social media is changing quickly. While using social media has become a daily part of the lives of millions the social media platforms that people use are going to be changing a lot in 2017. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms are trotting out new features and getting rid of outdated ones as they all try to dominate the social media market.

The biggest trend in social media that will be coming in 2017 is each social media platform trying to become a one stop shop for users that will incorporate different aspects of social media. Right now people tend to jump from one social media platform to another. But the goal of each different social media platform is to keep users on site and interacting. Here’s how they plan to do it:


Facebook has been the dominant social media outlet for many years. But it’s been feeling the pressure from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Video streaming has taken center stage over at Facebook. Facebook will be rolling out even more changes to the ability to go live including lenses and filters and the ability to incorporate music into videos.

Facebook is also going to be creating a special marketplace for selling and buying goods Facebook groups are already hugely popular as the new modern yard sale. Adding the marketplace feature will allow buyers and sellers to connect and send money right on Facebook which gives both sellers and buyers more security.

Going after the Millennial and youth demographics Facebook is pushing augmented reality very hard. Augmented reality is the ability to draw on photos and videos, add stickers and use special lenses and filters. It’s a very popular feature on SnapChat and Facebook wants to add it to their platform too.

Another Facebook addition will be the ability to send messages that will disappear after a short time, so that they can’t be tracked or recorded. This feature is a little controversial but it’s something that users have expressed an interest in so Facebook is delivering it.


Instagram is already one of the top social media platforms but it will also be rolling out changes in 2017. Instagram, like Facebook, will be getting into augmented reality and allowing users to play with filters and lenses and other additions. Videos will be longer. And Instagram is rolling out a new feature called Stories. Instagram Stories will disappear after a certain amount of time, much like SnapChat photos. This gives people the ability to post things that won’t become permanent.

But the feature that Instagram is adding that businesses are excited about is the ability to create a business profile on Instagram. Creating a business profile will allow users to create ads directly on Instagram to promote their products or services. The business profiles will also have access to special tools and analytics.

And just like Facebook Instagram is pushing live video. Twitter also has added the ability to go live and stream live video. Live video is widely considered to be the biggest trend in social media that is coming in the next year. All of the major social media platforms will offer it. Since smart phones have become so common and almost everyone has the ability to take a video at any time it makes sense that selfies are out and live videos are in. So if you’re active on social media better get camera ready and plan to start going live on your favorite social media platform. Everyone will be doing it in 2017 and probably well into 2018 as well.

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