What to Look Forward to in the LG G6

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The new flagship phone from South Korea’s LG is set to release in February of 2017. This may be LG’s best chance to compete with some of the top smartphones in the industry, like those from Apple and Samsung. The G6 will feature a variety of upgrades over the G5, including a better processor, battery, camera, and screen. There are minimal bezels around the edge of the front of the camera, and there is also a Quad HD display.

Possibly the biggest impact that LG’s smartphone will make is putting the company back on the map when it comes to smartphones. Apple and Samsung have been some of the leaders in the market, which is an especially difficult one to penetrate. LG is hoping that the G6 can get them back on the map. While most of the details out there about the G6 are rumors, there has been a good deal of info leak online, so consumers already have a decent idea of what it is they’ll be getting with the new flagship smartphone from LG.

Key Features of the G6

A Great Name

For starters, the G6 has a great name. The term G6 has been used to refer to a variety of things already. It refers to the Gulfstream 650, the fastest and longest range business jet available, from Gulfstream Aerospace. There is also a car from Infiniti called a G6. LG hopes that their smartphone joins the company of these other great names as their new flagship smartphone.

Nearly Bezel-Less Screen

One coveted feature of smartphones these days is that they have a minimal bezel. The bezel is the area of the front of the screen that is around the screen. The future of smartphones has virtually zero bezel, but smartphone makers are still working their way there. The good news is that the G6 appears to boast a near bezel-less screen already, good news for LG fans.

Quad HD Display

The display of the G6 will be 1440 x 2880, with a pixel density of 564 pixels per inch. This is one of the most important parts of a smartphone, as it’s one of the best ways for them to compete with one another – by having the best display. Those that are wanting a great display will definitely see improvement with the G6, which has the display to compete with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S8.

One downfall is that it doesn’t look like OLED displays will be ready quite in time for the release of the G6. This is one of the next big things for smartphones, and will be seen within the next couple generations of phones.

Dual-Lens Camera

One way that Apple has set the bar in the smartphone industry is with the concept of a dual-lens camera on the rear side. The iPhone 7 Plus boasts this feature, and has a 2x optical zoom because of it. The G6 is going to have a dual-lens camera on the rear side, giving LG something else to help advertise their smartphones more. The camera is one of the most important parts about a smartphone these days.

Those who are looking into new smartphones from other companies that aren’t Apple are probably going to be excited about this new phone from LG. There are a lot of great features from the G6 that are going to make it great for those who want an epic new smartphone. Those who are tired of the Apple operating system that want to switch to Android might be pleased with the new smartphone from LG.

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