Keeping Your Mobile Phone Safe

Electronics are virtually running our world. Our entertainment, social lives, business transactions, banking and even health are in a way attached to our electronic gadgets and, the mobile phone is specifically important. All the information about us can be easily accessed through our phones. This means that should we lose them, there is so much at stake. Our lives could very easily be brought to a standstill. We strive to keep our phones as safe as possible but, can we really keep them safe?

Keeping our phones safe takes various dimensions basing on the specific tasks we have entrusted them with. First, like other electronic gadgets with an operating system, our phones are prone to virus attacks. A malicious person can send a virus via the various social media platforms or mail. Once it is opened, the phone can be harmed and somewhat debilitated. Also, when one connects the phone to an infected computer or radio, the virus therein can be easily transferred to the phone. This viral attack may lead to loss of valuable data and even identity. To keep our data safe we should invest in an anti virus. There are a number of them including mc Afee, Microsoft, AVG, Kaspersky and Norton anti-virus among others. Most of them are free but even those that are not are very affordable. Your choice of anti-virus will be determined by the functions you want them to perform as well as the phone’s operating system. Once downloaded, they start work immediately the settings are adjusted.

Hacking is another fear that pervades phone users. This is where for whatever reason someone decides to and actually gets information and data from your phone or laptop. The security of the device is compromised and the hacker gets access to data and may even assume your identity. The cases where hidden and unpleasant photos of celebrities and secret mail from government bodies are made public are results of hacking. It is believed that the more an operating system gets popular and used by many the more susceptible it gets to hackers. The Turing, a military level encrypted Android operated phone is said to be almost impossible to hack. This may be true to some extent but with the consistent development in technology, no single operating system or device is totally safe. To avoid or reduce exposure to hacking, avoid suspicious mail. A hacker may easily get access to information that may lead him or her getting your passwords and assume your person through such mail. Learn to distinguish between genuine sites and offers and those that just ride on popular applications. Unless you trust the sites, don’t be quick to transact on them.

Losing your phone can also be a good reason to worry as someone can use your information to embarrass you or even steal from you. A good anti-virus will also offer you phone protection. Through the GPS tracking system they can pinpoint the exact position of the phone with great accuracy. Mc Afee for instance allows you to activate the alarm and make the phone sound an alarm from wherever it is. The phone can even be made to take remote photos and send them to preset emails for action. For the data, one is offered the option of erasing it from the stolen phone so that even the thief won’t access it. But it is even easier when you have the IMEI number of the phone. This unique number on the battery compartment of the phone can be used by the relevant authorities to track a stolen phone.

After all is said and done, we have to take precautions to avoid identity or device theft.