What Else Can My Smart Phone Do?


Although primarily the phones, including the smart phones, are for communication, they can do so much more if only someone knows how to make proper use of the device.

A smart phone can be used as a remote control. With the evolution of technology, stereo systems and television sets are getting as smart as the smart phones. Among the reasons for this is the use of the Android operating system in many electronic gadgets. Phones, radios, watches, televisions and even fridges and microwaves are getting digitally connected. A smart phone can be used as a remote control. A good example is the Samsung phone which can be used in controlling the Samsung digital television sets and stereo systems, popularly known as home theatres.

Smart phones can be used to play games and control toys and drones. Some smart phones can be turned into virtual reality gaming devices with the use of some special goggles. There are even those phones that come with their own gear or devices one can use for the virtual reality experience. This is besides being used to control drones and toys. With a little adjustment on the settings, the smart phone can control a drone by tilting or tapping just the way a game is played on the phone. They can also be used to capture the photos from the cameras set on the drones once they are airborne and focused on given targets. All the images will be saved in the phone making it the ‘cloud’ for the photos taken from the drones.

Smart phones can also be used to monitor and keep our vehicles safe. Many car tracking devices use smart phones as a consul and monitoring device. With GPS technology and satellites, one can tell where a tracked car is, if it is moving or not and even tell if it has its doors open. It is even possible to tell the fuel use as one can access the data on fuel and the distance covered from the comfort of the phone. The one monitoring can send commands to the car through texts. This way, one can stop the car by ‘killing’ the engine or even make the doors impossible to open unless a certain code, which only the owner or one monitoring has, is used. This is an efficient fleet control system for many vehicle owners.

Security of our homes, property and loved ones can also be greatly enhanced with the use of smart phones. Once the CCTV cameras are in place, it is easy to access the data, images and all captured by the camera through a smart phone. The phone can even be customized so that it gives an alarm whenever there is an intrusion or activity captured by the motion sensors on the cameras. Some phones receive a text when a locked door is opened at an odd hour.

Another important function a smart phone can perform is in navigation. Many android phones for instance come with Google maps enablement. The maps help in navigation with the use of the satellites and GPS positioning. They give directions for someone walking or driving, giving the specific amount of time that should be taken and the distance in kilometers or miles. Should one take a wrong turn, the navigator in the maps recalculates the routes and gives other instructions which are to help the people get to the set place in a specified time.

Smartphones have the ability to do much more and that is why they are very close companions to may people nowadays.

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