The Walking Dead Episode 12


There are only 2 more episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead, and Episode 12 started building up the momentum so viewers know that they have something to look forward to. Those that have been keeping up with the episodes may be ready for a recap. If you’re not someone that’s been keeping up with this half-season of The Walking Dead, then reading on from here may result in something being spoiled for you, and we don’t want that.

Episode 12 saw a number of happenings take place for the crew, particularly Rick and Michonne, which the episode followed for the majority of the time. The episode featured a number of bonding moments between the two, including a particularly funny moment where they crashed through a roof together. Overall it was a great episode. Now it’s time to go over some of the major takeaways from the episode.

Episode 12 of The Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne

Rick and Michonne are out looking for guns that they deliver to the creepy new crew that everyone was introduced to recently, the one living in a garbage dump. The new crew asked for guns in exchange for fighting Negan and The Saviors, they just want a share of the plunder as well. Rick and Michonne are out looking for the majority of the episode.

Finding Guns

They end up coming across the guns they were looking for in one of the most unlikely places. A carnival. There seem to be military personnel that have turned in zombies there, walking around aimlessly as the rest of the zombies do. Some have AR-15’s strapped to their backs, and many have pistols at their sides. Rick and Michonne recognize the find as the gold mine that it is, and spend much of their time killing the zombies in the area so that they can start taking their guns.

It doesn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped, but they end up killing all the zombies, and are able to take the guns from the carnival grounds and bring them to the new group of people that they are hoping will help them fight Negan.

Say Yes

This episode is called “Say Yes,” and when Rick brings the guns back to the new crew and their leader. She ends up telling Rick and it’s not enough guns and says that they are going to keep them while Rick and the “Grimes Gang” go out looking for more. Rick isn’t okay with that, of course, and demands that they keep 20 guns in order to find more out in the world. He tells Jadis that they’ll be back with more guns.

News for Rick

This was the moment we were waiting for since Jadis told Rick to go get them guns. After seeing that the group still needs to collect more guns, she finally decides to tell Rick of all the guns that the group of women is hiding out with. This would be the group that had her during the first half of season 7, before she escaped. It will be interesting to see how the group goes about getting the guns from those people.

Rosita Looks for Trouble

At the end of the day it seems to be Rosita that just loves getting into trouble. There are few people out there that love getting into trouble as much as her. She decides to take one of the guns to Hilltop, to get her friend there to go and help her kill Negan. The whole thing makes me a little nervous, and I’m a little worried to see what kind of trouble they get themselves into.

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New Social Media Changes Coming In 2017

New Social Media Changes Coming In 2017.jpg

Social media is changing quickly. While using social media has become a daily part of the lives of millions the social media platforms that people use are going to be changing a lot in 2017. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms are trotting out new features and getting rid of outdated ones as they all try to dominate the social media market.

The biggest trend in social media that will be coming in 2017 is each social media platform trying to become a one stop shop for users that will incorporate different aspects of social media. Right now people tend to jump from one social media platform to another. But the goal of each different social media platform is to keep users on site and interacting. Here’s how they plan to do it:


Facebook has been the dominant social media outlet for many years. But it’s been feeling the pressure from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Video streaming has taken center stage over at Facebook. Facebook will be rolling out even more changes to the ability to go live including lenses and filters and the ability to incorporate music into videos.

Facebook is also going to be creating a special marketplace for selling and buying goods Facebook groups are already hugely popular as the new modern yard sale. Adding the marketplace feature will allow buyers and sellers to connect and send money right on Facebook which gives both sellers and buyers more security.

Going after the Millennial and youth demographics Facebook is pushing augmented reality very hard. Augmented reality is the ability to draw on photos and videos, add stickers and use special lenses and filters. It’s a very popular feature on SnapChat and Facebook wants to add it to their platform too.

Another Facebook addition will be the ability to send messages that will disappear after a short time, so that they can’t be tracked or recorded. This feature is a little controversial but it’s something that users have expressed an interest in so Facebook is delivering it.


Instagram is already one of the top social media platforms but it will also be rolling out changes in 2017. Instagram, like Facebook, will be getting into augmented reality and allowing users to play with filters and lenses and other additions. Videos will be longer. And Instagram is rolling out a new feature called Stories. Instagram Stories will disappear after a certain amount of time, much like SnapChat photos. This gives people the ability to post things that won’t become permanent.

But the feature that Instagram is adding that businesses are excited about is the ability to create a business profile on Instagram. Creating a business profile will allow users to create ads directly on Instagram to promote their products or services. The business profiles will also have access to special tools and analytics.

And just like Facebook Instagram is pushing live video. Twitter also has added the ability to go live and stream live video. Live video is widely considered to be the biggest trend in social media that is coming in the next year. All of the major social media platforms will offer it. Since smart phones have become so common and almost everyone has the ability to take a video at any time it makes sense that selfies are out and live videos are in. So if you’re active on social media better get camera ready and plan to start going live on your favorite social media platform. Everyone will be doing it in 2017 and probably well into 2018 as well.

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What to Look Forward to in the LG G6

What to Look Forward to in the LG G6.jpg

The new flagship phone from South Korea’s LG is set to release in February of 2017. This may be LG’s best chance to compete with some of the top smartphones in the industry, like those from Apple and Samsung. The G6 will feature a variety of upgrades over the G5, including a better processor, battery, camera, and screen. There are minimal bezels around the edge of the front of the camera, and there is also a Quad HD display.

Possibly the biggest impact that LG’s smartphone will make is putting the company back on the map when it comes to smartphones. Apple and Samsung have been some of the leaders in the market, which is an especially difficult one to penetrate. LG is hoping that the G6 can get them back on the map. While most of the details out there about the G6 are rumors, there has been a good deal of info leak online, so consumers already have a decent idea of what it is they’ll be getting with the new flagship smartphone from LG.

Key Features of the G6

A Great Name

For starters, the G6 has a great name. The term G6 has been used to refer to a variety of things already. It refers to the Gulfstream 650, the fastest and longest range business jet available, from Gulfstream Aerospace. There is also a car from Infiniti called a G6. LG hopes that their smartphone joins the company of these other great names as their new flagship smartphone.

Nearly Bezel-Less Screen

One coveted feature of smartphones these days is that they have a minimal bezel. The bezel is the area of the front of the screen that is around the screen. The future of smartphones has virtually zero bezel, but smartphone makers are still working their way there. The good news is that the G6 appears to boast a near bezel-less screen already, good news for LG fans.

Quad HD Display

The display of the G6 will be 1440 x 2880, with a pixel density of 564 pixels per inch. This is one of the most important parts of a smartphone, as it’s one of the best ways for them to compete with one another – by having the best display. Those that are wanting a great display will definitely see improvement with the G6, which has the display to compete with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S8.

One downfall is that it doesn’t look like OLED displays will be ready quite in time for the release of the G6. This is one of the next big things for smartphones, and will be seen within the next couple generations of phones.

Dual-Lens Camera

One way that Apple has set the bar in the smartphone industry is with the concept of a dual-lens camera on the rear side. The iPhone 7 Plus boasts this feature, and has a 2x optical zoom because of it. The G6 is going to have a dual-lens camera on the rear side, giving LG something else to help advertise their smartphones more. The camera is one of the most important parts about a smartphone these days.

Those who are looking into new smartphones from other companies that aren’t Apple are probably going to be excited about this new phone from LG. There are a lot of great features from the G6 that are going to make it great for those who want an epic new smartphone. Those who are tired of the Apple operating system that want to switch to Android might be pleased with the new smartphone from LG.

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5 Types of People and their Favorite Electronic Device

5 Types of People and their Favorite Electronic Device.jpg

I’m usually not one to believe in a stereotype, but they do have comedic value at times. People who are using electronics, like everything else, seem to fit into a category. Most NFL players aren’t going to be seen on the street sporting their new Canon Mark IV. It doesn’t mean it’s true, but people still fall into categories that seem to make the most sense. The same principle applies to electronics.

That’s why today we’re going to discuss some of the typical electronics that can be seen sported by a specific type of individual. From workout junkies to coffee lovers to stay-at-home moms, everyone has their favorite electronic device. It’s not a negative thing, it’s just how it is. Which is why I’m glad to introduce to you the 5 top electronics and the stereotypes of who uses them.

Top 5 People and their Favorite Device

The Hipster: The DSLR Camera

No one self-identifies as a hipster. That’s because, for some reason, it’s gotten a somewhat negative connotation. That’s not the case at all. All the term “hipster” means is that someone has a good sense of style, is well-groomed (with a beard or mustache for guys), and loves craft beer, fresh-roasted coffee, and a glass of wine.

The average hipster can also be seen sporting their favorite electronic device. Hipsters, you see, love DSLR cameras. They know that their Canon or Nikon DSLR can take much better photos and videos than your smartphone, and their Instagram is there to prove it. However, don’t be intimidated.

The Workout-Guy or Gal: Beats by Dre Headphones

When Beats by Dre were first released, they were raved about as some of the best bass headphones out there. Many people were excited about all that they had to offer. Especially people that love to workout.

Among NFL players (who are technically supposed to wear Bose) and anyone else involved in athletics, Beats by Dre are some of the most popular headphones out there. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the population can’t enjoy them, just that those who spend a lot of time in the gym are going to have them most often.

The Coffee Lover: The Newest iPhone

Great coffee is a choice. Just ask the local coffee connoisseur at the coffee shop on the corner. They’re in there right now, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on their new iPhone 7 Plus. But don’t worry, they’ll somehow have the newest iPhone before it comes out.

Coffee lovers have to have the latest iPhone. How else could they spend so much time in a coffee shop sitting there on their phone? Coffee might not rhyme with iPhone, but in this case, it should.

The Stay-at-Home Mom (or Dad): A Tablet not by Apple

There’s nothing wrong with staying at home instead of working a job when one has kids to take care of. That being said, there is still a certain device that a stay-at-home mom is going to use to entertain her kids.

Parents are on a budget, thanks to all of the money they need to spend on their kids. Thankfully, there are affordable tablets out there that parents can buy their kids. Sure, many still get them an iPad. But there are other great tablets out there, like the Amazon Fire, that can entertain a kid just fine.

The Entrepreneur: Microsoft Surface 3

An entrepreneur isn’t just good at making money. They’re good at saving it, too, and they’re going to let you know about it. That’s why the entrepreneur has an older model of the Microsoft Surface. It’s still capable of replacing a laptop, and costs an arm and a leg less than the newest edition of the tablet from Microsoft.

These are just a few of the biggest stereotypes when it comes to electronics. Those who are wanting to find out more can take a walk around the mall to people watch, and discover some of the rest.

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Top Tech To Use During A Snowstorm

Top Tech To Use During A Snowstorm.jpg

We all know that during a snowstorm, you will be stuck in your house for quite a while. That means you need to find things to do to pass the time. Well, we have some ideas! Here is some great technology to use during a snowstorm.

Binge on Hulu and Netflix

When you’re stuck in your house, there’s nothing better to do than binge watch your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix! Catch up on your favorite shows so when the next new episode comes around, you will be all caught up. Netflix has amazing shows you cannot watch anywhere else such as Full House, Black Mirror, and Luke Cage. With Hulu, you can watch your favorite shows from NBC, FOX, ABC, CW and now Freeform.

Another idea is having a movie marathon day with your family. Each member of your family can choose a movie they want to watch during the day.  Hulu and Netflix are available on multiple device such as TVs, tablets, cell phone, and many more.

Gaming: Wii, Xbox and Playstation

If you are not a TV person, you can play games on you whatever gaming device you have. Wii, Xbox and Playstation are always good choices. Now if you are gaming for 9 hours straight, at least you have a good excuse!

Experience VR

Playing on a virtual reality headset is also a great way to pass the time. Put on your VR headset and escape from the snowstorm environment right outside your door! With VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR, you can play games, interact with apps, and even watch movies and tv! You can also chat with your friends who have virtual reality headsets as well.

Social Media

Bored out of your mind? You can always go on social media. Post selfies all day, how it looks outside, or photos of your dog. Visit your favorite accounts, see what your friends are up to, post to your groups, or even livestream your storm experience! There are an endless amount of things to do on social media.

Drawing/Painting Apps

Want to keep yourself calm so you are not horrified at how much snow is outside? Why not try drawing/painting apps on your tablet. For Windows users, Fresh Paint is a great app to use. You can create original work, turn your photos into paintings, or paint in already sketched images. Another great drawing app is Paint Joy. Paint Joy offers 20 different brushes, share options, and you can even make a small film of you video! Drawings can be original works or done on your own photos.

Read A Book

Choose a new book to read to pass the time during a snowstorm. The best way to find a book is through Kindle on Amazon. There are many book of all genres to choose from. Don’t want to purchase a book? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of their Kindle Unlimited service. You get access to thousands of books & songs. You don’t need a Kindle Tablet to access this service. All you need in a Amazon account. Simple, easy to use, and will occupy your day!

If all else fails and your power is out, you can pay attention to your pet, draw with pen & paper, or pull out the traditional board games. No matter what, there’s always something to do during a snowstorm. It’s just a matter of what is best for you to pass the time until it’s time to bundle up and shovel outside.

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The MamaRoo


Are you a work at home mothers with an infant?  Is your baby used to being carried that she ever wants you to swing her around?  The mamaRoo is therefore the best machine for you.Forget about swinging the baby left and right to put him to sleep.  Forget about singing lullaby songs for your baby to make him silent or to put him to sleep.  The mamaRoo is here to solve mama’s problems.  Parenting can sometimes be very hard especially at the infant stages.  First time mothers are sometimes frustrated and wonder what to do to their lovely babies.  The consumer electronic introduces the mamaRoo to the babysitting mothers.  In addition, this machine is not only limited to house usage but also to hospital usage.  Nurses have used this machine for the infants that are still under their care in the health centers may be due to one reason or another.

The MamaRoo is an original infant seat that parents use to give their child the natural parents motion.  Every child enjoys that particular motion and sometimes the parent especially the mothers have no time for this.  The MamaRoo comes hand in hand to salvage the parents from this stress by providing a motion that is similar to that of the parent.  The nurses that attend to the infants cannot attend to all this children at ones and therefore the MamaRoo provides the motion to the motion making them more comfortable and have the feeling of the parent’s motion.  Any parent can be sure that the MamaRoo gives the motion just as you do.  There is no difference between the motion that is giving by the parent and that which is given by the MamaRoo.

The Mamaroo is also applauded of coming in to help the parents sing or provide soothing music to the child.  This machine has a well build –in sound and Mp3 plugin.  This provides the music that the child needs to sooth them into sleep or relaxation.  The parent is given options in which he or she can select from.  Generally the MamaRoo has four soothing sounds.The parent can therefore choose the song that best sooths the baby.  Withthis, the machine provides a soothing music or sound as it sings the baby in the same way the parent does.

The MamaRoo is more than the normal bouncing seats and swings.  The two mention appears unnatural and the motion that they provide is not as that of the parent.  Remember parents donot vibrate like bouncy and they do not swing like the swings.  Yet the MamaRoo is more than the bouncy and the swings giving natural strokes.  You can never compare this machine with a swing.  To let you know that this machine is very healthy and okay for the growth of your child, over 300 hospitals are using this device.  When even the doctors have accepted it, you can be sure that you and your infant are safe.

The good thing about this machine is that it is very much affordable.  The price of the MamaRoo is not exaggerated and thus can be afforded by most people. At only $ 239 you are able to get this machine.  This machine also comes with different colors that the consumer can ensure that they get the best or preferred color. It ranges from black to orange.Its maintenance is also not complex and every person is able to understand it.  The user manual is provided and therefore making work easier.  The advantage about this user manual is that is it simple thus accommodating all persons.

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What Else Can My Smart Phone Do?


Although primarily the phones, including the smart phones, are for communication, they can do so much more if only someone knows how to make proper use of the device.

A smart phone can be used as a remote control. With the evolution of technology, stereo systems and television sets are getting as smart as the smart phones. Among the reasons for this is the use of the Android operating system in many electronic gadgets. Phones, radios, watches, televisions and even fridges and microwaves are getting digitally connected. A smart phone can be used as a remote control. A good example is the Samsung phone which can be used in controlling the Samsung digital television sets and stereo systems, popularly known as home theatres.

Smart phones can be used to play games and control toys and drones. Some smart phones can be turned into virtual reality gaming devices with the use of some special goggles. There are even those phones that come with their own gear or devices one can use for the virtual reality experience. This is besides being used to control drones and toys. With a little adjustment on the settings, the smart phone can control a drone by tilting or tapping just the way a game is played on the phone. They can also be used to capture the photos from the cameras set on the drones once they are airborne and focused on given targets. All the images will be saved in the phone making it the ‘cloud’ for the photos taken from the drones.

Smart phones can also be used to monitor and keep our vehicles safe. Many car tracking devices use smart phones as a consul and monitoring device. With GPS technology and satellites, one can tell where a tracked car is, if it is moving or not and even tell if it has its doors open. It is even possible to tell the fuel use as one can access the data on fuel and the distance covered from the comfort of the phone. The one monitoring can send commands to the car through texts. This way, one can stop the car by ‘killing’ the engine or even make the doors impossible to open unless a certain code, which only the owner or one monitoring has, is used. This is an efficient fleet control system for many vehicle owners.

Security of our homes, property and loved ones can also be greatly enhanced with the use of smart phones. Once the CCTV cameras are in place, it is easy to access the data, images and all captured by the camera through a smart phone. The phone can even be customized so that it gives an alarm whenever there is an intrusion or activity captured by the motion sensors on the cameras. Some phones receive a text when a locked door is opened at an odd hour.

Another important function a smart phone can perform is in navigation. Many android phones for instance come with Google maps enablement. The maps help in navigation with the use of the satellites and GPS positioning. They give directions for someone walking or driving, giving the specific amount of time that should be taken and the distance in kilometers or miles. Should one take a wrong turn, the navigator in the maps recalculates the routes and gives other instructions which are to help the people get to the set place in a specified time.

Smartphones have the ability to do much more and that is why they are very close companions to may people nowadays.

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Is Your Android Storage Full? No Need to Worry


It does not matter how free your device is at the time of purchase.  As you continue to add more files, the device also continues to fill up.  It reaches a point where your device cannot take in any more and at that time you have important inputs to store and even the ones already stored are very important.  Selecting the files one by one may be very difficult especially when almost all the files seem to be important.  Because the electronic consumer products are used almost every day, their storage is usually short lived.  When this happens, there are simple ways that one can clear the storage.

First, this can be done by simply deleting the less important files and applications.  To ensure that space is created in the device, one needs to ensure that the unwanted documents are no longer stored in the device but are removed completely to ensure that more space is left.  Some of the applications and files tend to take a lot of space yet they are not being used, some of the files that an individual has stored could also have no importance. Some of the documents may have been used and will never be used in the future.  At one point or the other you will find out that, you have some installations that you no longer use and sometimes have even forgotten about.  There is no need to have unused for better and important things you could also decide to go for applications that do not take a lot of space.

The best way is to purchase a micro SD that matches your device.  These cards are used to boost the memory of the device.  Although it may be the best, the micro SD has many things to consider before usage.  For example, knowing the capacity of the storage is very important you need to know what you want to save, is it a large quantity, or is it just a smaller thing.  You need to know your needs in the future whether you will need more space later or not.  The kind of space you need will depend on the kind of data you have to be stored.  Again, it is very important to not what your device can support. Some devices cannot support a larger volume of the storage device, and therefore you need to know what your device can hold.  Just in a summary, there are two types of MicroSD in the current market .these includes the SDHC cards and the SDXC cards. The major different in the card is majorly the sizes.  With the SDHS card the sizes ranges from 2GB to 32 GB. On the other hand, the SDXC cards is larger than the former as it can hold more data, it ranges from 32 GB to 2TB. It is true that the more the better but you need to know what your device can support, you may not need to be directed by the amount of the space that the SD card offers.  Just to give examples, the Galaxy S and S7 edge holds up to 200 GB, LV V10 hold up to 2 TB, the one touch Idol holds upon 32 GB and the Xperia so Compact holds up to 200GB. Therefore you need to know what your device can hold.

Another thing to be concerned about is the speed.  The speed of the MicroSD is one thing that brings a distinction in the various storage devices; you need to know how fast the storage device can write data.  You will need to pay for something that will keep you waiting as your data lopads.When it is faster than you are also able to save time. The faster the better.  There are usually three classes of speed.  Class 10, UHS 1 class 1, UHS 1 Class 1(by UHS I mean the Ultra High Speed) usually the speeds can be used by any device.

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Keeping Your Mobile Phone Safe

Electronics are virtually running our world. Our entertainment, social lives, business transactions, banking and even health are in a way attached to our electronic gadgets and, the mobile phone is specifically important. All the information about us can be easily accessed through our phones. This means that should we lose them, there is so much at stake. Our lives could very easily be brought to a standstill. We strive to keep our phones as safe as possible but, can we really keep them safe?

Keeping our phones safe takes various dimensions basing on the specific tasks we have entrusted them with. First, like other electronic gadgets with an operating system, our phones are prone to virus attacks. A malicious person can send a virus via the various social media platforms or mail. Once it is opened, the phone can be harmed and somewhat debilitated. Also, when one connects the phone to an infected computer or radio, the virus therein can be easily transferred to the phone. This viral attack may lead to loss of valuable data and even identity. To keep our data safe we should invest in an anti virus. There are a number of them including mc Afee, Microsoft, AVG, Kaspersky and Norton anti-virus among others. Most of them are free but even those that are not are very affordable. Your choice of anti-virus will be determined by the functions you want them to perform as well as the phone’s operating system. Once downloaded, they start work immediately the settings are adjusted.

Hacking is another fear that pervades phone users. This is where for whatever reason someone decides to and actually gets information and data from your phone or laptop. The security of the device is compromised and the hacker gets access to data and may even assume your identity. The cases where hidden and unpleasant photos of celebrities and secret mail from government bodies are made public are results of hacking. It is believed that the more an operating system gets popular and used by many the more susceptible it gets to hackers. The Turing, a military level encrypted Android operated phone is said to be almost impossible to hack. This may be true to some extent but with the consistent development in technology, no single operating system or device is totally safe. To avoid or reduce exposure to hacking, avoid suspicious mail. A hacker may easily get access to information that may lead him or her getting your passwords and assume your person through such mail. Learn to distinguish between genuine sites and offers and those that just ride on popular applications. Unless you trust the sites, don’t be quick to transact on them.

Losing your phone can also be a good reason to worry as someone can use your information to embarrass you or even steal from you. A good anti-virus will also offer you phone protection. Through the GPS tracking system they can pinpoint the exact position of the phone with great accuracy. Mc Afee for instance allows you to activate the alarm and make the phone sound an alarm from wherever it is. The phone can even be made to take remote photos and send them to preset emails for action. For the data, one is offered the option of erasing it from the stolen phone so that even the thief won’t access it. But it is even easier when you have the IMEI number of the phone. This unique number on the battery compartment of the phone can be used by the relevant authorities to track a stolen phone.

After all is said and done, we have to take precautions to avoid identity or device theft.